Introduction of Qinhan New City

    From 2009 to 2010, the State Council issued Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone Development Plan and National Main Functional Areas Plan, clearly proposed that the integration of Xi'an-Xianyang shall be accelerated so as to establish Xi'an into an international metropolis. To this end, CPC Shaanxi Committee and Provincial Government decided to set up Xixian New Area between Xi'an and Xiany...>>[more]


Xixian New City Pioneering in High-end Hotel Business Collaborating with Zhouji

    On April 8th, Xixian New Area and the world’s largest professional hotel management group, Zhouji Hotel Group , signed cooperation agreement>>[more]

The “Ancient Charm of the Qin & Han Dynasties” Chinese Painting Exhibition Held

    On April 18th, the “Ancient Charm of the Qin & Han Dynasties” Chinese Painting Exhibition was carried out in Qin Han New City of Xixian New Area>>[more]

Century-old Changyu’s Dream Built in Qinhan

    On October 9th 2013, Chateau Changyu Reina unveiled. It’s the first international professional wine chateau in Shaanxi Province in modern times. >>[more]


  • Qinhan Tsinghua High School
  • Weihe River ECO Landscape Belt
  • The Great City
  • Shannxi Changyu Ruina Castle Chateau
  • FMMU Comprehensive Medicine, Teaching and Research Park
  • Chateau Changyu Ruina
  • Lanchi Avenue
  • Weihe River ECO Landscape Belt
  • Xianyang Museum
  • Qinhan Tsinghua High School
  • The Xixian Great City
  • Qin Cultural Park